10 Coolest Personas In Persona 5 Tactica, Ranked


  • Personas in Persona 5 Tactica work otherwise from Personas in the principle sequence, with one of many largest adjustments being their passive expertise.
  • Nearly all playable characters can equip a number of Personas, borrowing their expertise and talents.
  • Sure Personas, like Koppa Tengu and Sandman, have expertise that may assist with motion, improve financial rewards, and improve uncommon Persona drops. Others are simply highly effective in fight.

There are a whole lot of Personas to gather in Persona 5 Tactica, however a few of them are extra helpful than others. Personas work considerably otherwise in Tactica in comparison with the principle sequence. Their distinctive help expertise are extra essential, and may completely characterize a Persona’s playstyle. Since P5T is a method recreation, there are some new expertise and techniques pertaining to motion and positioning. Elemental strengths, weaknesses, and knockdowns work otherwise, with All-Out Assaults changed by Triple Threats in Persona 5 Tactica.

Additionally, for the primary time ever, all playable characters in Persona 5 Tactica can equip a number of Personas (with one exception). Every of them can have a fundamental Persona and a Sub-Persona, borrowing sure expertise, stats, and talents from every. Because of this, Persona gear and distribution matter greater than ever. Listed below are among the coolest, strongest, and handiest Personas to equip in Persona 5 Tactica.


“One other Enjoyable Spin-Off That Proves The Depth Of Its Supply Materials”: Persona 5 Tactica Assessment

Persona 5 Tactica strikes a steadiness between XCOM-style tactical gameplay and the comfortable, social dynamics of P5, making for a enjoyable journey.

10 Koppa Tengu Makes Motion Simpler

Might Be Acquired Or Fused

Koppa Tengu, a masked, winged humanoid creature, in front of a gear background in screenshots from Persona 5 Tactica.

Koppa Tengu is a recurring Persona all through the sequence. In P5T, he has a singular talent that may assist gamers study its tactical mechanics whereas enhancing each character’s total versatility. Sukukaja will increase its goal’s motion for 3 turns, permitting them to cowl extra floor every time they transfer. This may be helpful for any variety of issues: advancing on a weakened enemy, operating away from a strengthened one, or just repositioning allied items.

9 Sandman Can Assist Gamers Get Wealthy Fast

Might Be Acquired Or Fused

Sandman, a small, thin humanoid creature in a red jumpsuit and with a silver crescent moon for a head, in front of a background depicting a red gear in screenshots from Persona 5 Tactica.

Sandman is one other recurring, early-game Persona who could also be acquired via random drops or fused from different Personas. Very similar to Koppa Tengu, he has a superb distinctive talent: Treasure Hunter, which will increase all financial rewards gained from battle. That is particularly helpful within the early recreation. Saving up early and sometimes means all the time with the ability to afford the very best gear for every character, so Sandman is an effective ally to have.

8 Neko Shogun Will increase Uncommon Persona Drops

Requires Particular Fusion Of Kodama, Sudama, And Anzu

Neko Shogun, a black cat in samurai armor with two red banners, stands in front of a red gar background in screenshots from Persona 5 Tactica.

Apart from being one of many cutest Purr-sonas accessible within the early- to mid-game, Neko Shogun additionally occurs to have a really helpful distinctive talent. Eager Eye improves the chance of acquiring uncommon Personas from battle, which generally is a huge assist in fleshing out the compendium all through the early hours of the sport. These are usually not solely helpful on their very own, however can be used to fuse different uncommon Personas with distinctive necessities.

7 Dionysus Can Assist With XP Grinding

Might Be Acquired Or Fused

Dionysus, a multicolored humanoid with white, wavy hair, stands in front of a red gear background in screenshots from Persona 5 Tactica.

At the side of Sandman and Neko Shogun, Dionysus might help gamers achieve tons of energy in Persona 5 Tactica. His distinctive talent, Knack for Battle, will increase XP good points for whichever character has him geared up. This is a superb strategy to degree up a fundamental Persona close to the endgame. It is as straightforward as equipping Dionysus to the Sub-Persona slot and grinding ranges to the guts’s content material. Dionysus additionally has a fairly excessive SP stat, and relying on how he is fused, might have entry to some highly effective elemental strikes.

6 Raphael Makes The First Flip Go Easily

Might Be Acquired Or Fused

Raphael, a spiky-haired angel with a sword, in art from Persona 5 Tactica.

Raphael is among the first angelic Personas unlocked within the recreation, and he lives as much as his identify with help strikes that hold the social gathering preventing match. He additionally has a singular capacity known as Rising Vigor, which will increase a personality’s injury when their HP is excessive. That is helpful within the first couple of turns, when characters have not taken sufficient injury to disqualify them. But when Raphael’s therapeutic skills are used liberally all through a battle, gamers can profit from Rising Vigor all the time.

5 Black Frost Is The Final Evolution Of A Persona Collection Mascot

Requires Particular Fusion Of Jack O’Lantern, Jack Frost, And King Frost

Black Frost is the ultimate evolution within the Jack Frost line, making him one of the highly effective incarnations of this perennial sequence mascot. He isn’t straightforward to return by, nonetheless; gamers should fuse all three lesser variations, Jack O’Lantern, Jack Frost, and King Frost, with a view to get Black Frost on their aspect. With excessive SP and Ice-elemental assaults that may sluggish enemy motion, he is helpful in a combat. Plus, his passive talent Heavenly Reward will increase the Voltage gained with every assault. Voltage is used to execute particular strikes, so extra Voltage means stronger assaults extra usually.

4 Kohryu Is A Highly effective Offensive Persona

Requires Particular Fusion Of Genbu, Suzaku, Byakko, And Seiryu

Kohnryu, a gold and purple dragon, over a red gear background in art from Persona 5 Tactica.

Kohryu is a late-game Persona who packs a Psychic-elemental punch. Nevertheless, distinctive to Persona 5 Tactica is its particular talent Mafreidyne, which works considerably otherwise from its unique look in Persona 5. Mafreidyne nonetheless inflicts heavy, AoE, Nuclear-elemental injury, however in P5T, it additionally opens up a vortex that pulls close by enemies in. That is helpful sufficient for repositioning foes behind cowl or in awkward spots, however can be used to string collectively a sequence of AoE assaults that may wipe out total teams in just some turns.


Persona 5 Tactica: How To Unlock Goro Akechi (Crow) & Kasumi Yoshizawa (Violet)

Akechi and Kasumi are some fan favorites that seem like lacking from Persona 5 Tactica, however there’s really a strategy to unlock Crow & Violet.

3 Beelzebub Auto-Heals The Social gathering

Can Be Acquired Or Fused

Beelzebub, a fly-like creature with giant, red eyes and skulls on its wings, in front of a red gear background in art from Persona 5 Tactica.

Beelzebub is a robust help Persona by itself, however in Persona 5 Tactica, it has a useful distinctive talent that may hold the social gathering preventing match. Beelzebub’s distinctive talent robotically restores 20% of everybody’s HP and SP each time it defeats an enemy, which, if all else goes effectively, might reliably be on every of its turns. SP restoration is designed to be near-impossible within the Persona sequence; it represents a personality’s vitality, so probably the most dependable strategy to achieve some again is to retreat and return later. With Beelzebub, operating out of SP is virtually by no means a priority.

2 Lucifer Is A Defensive Powerhouse

Requires Particular Fusion Of Anubis, Ananta, Trumpeter, Michael, Metatron, And Devil

Lucifer is among the hardest Personas to return by in P5T, requiring five-way fusion of a number of different high-level, uncommon Personas to recruit. Nevertheless, he is effectively definitely worth the effort. Lucifer is immune to virtually each sort of elemental assault, with the only real exception being Bless. Relying on the strikes of his fusion antecedents, he may also have entry to all kinds of elemental assaults himself. His particular talent, Torrent of Magic, will increase the injury of every subsequent elemental assault after his first. That is ultimate for chaining collectively One Extra assaults, making Lucifer probably the highest-damage Persona within the recreation.

1 Satanael Is Joker’s Final Evolution

Requires Particular Fusion Of Anzu, Ishtar, Michael, Devil, And Lucifer

Within the unique Persona 5, Satanael is portrayed as the ultimate evolution of Joker’s inherent Persona, Arsene. However the place gamers as soon as needed to full the sport to unlock Satanael, they’ll now fuse him via the Velvet Room in Persona 5 Tactica with out beginning NG+.

Satanael begins at degree 96, with a singular capacity that buffs a personality’s assault, protection, and agility for 3 turns at the beginning of battle. This may be extraordinarily useful in getting off on the suitable foot; with all their bodily stats buffed, whichever character has Satanael geared up is definite to have a superb first flip. And with Satanael’s high-level Curse strikes to observe that up, they’ll hold the injury up all through the battle.

In fact, everybody’s expertise with completely different Personas varies. Since Personas inherit strikes from fusion, every distinctive occasion of 1 is barely completely different from all others. Relying on which strikes a participant decides to maintain, their mileage with any of those Personas would possibly differ. Nonetheless, a robust Persona is a robust Persona nonetheless, and with slightly foresight, they are often custom-made to take advantage of their expertise in Persona 5 Tactica.

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