IndiaNews Scam | Website is Down |Several People Lost their Money

“Message from 4NTI_HeR0—Contact”

Translated to English from Hindi

"Acebest website is a fraud. Don't put any more money on this, this website is a Chinese firm"

These are the messages by the Website Owners after robbing the money from innocent Indians

Many of us know this name Most of us doesn’t realize that it was a Scam website we referred our best friend or colleagues to join this program.

Hundreds maybe Thousands of well educated people have lost their money today. some of them have withdraw their deposits most of them doesn’t.
Iconicverge Team checked for details for in WHOIS but couldn’t find any details about the domain.
No one knows who is maintaining this website. Who bought the domain and where it was hosted and where that money went.
This website placed that you can withdraw money form Mon – Fri 9AM-6PM but, withdraw requests are failed on Monday. many people suffered to get their money back.

How this Whole Scam Runs?

If you want to Join this Acebest program you need to choose a plan by paying Rs.500, Rs.5000, etc., based on the plan you choose they will assign some tasks daily. Rs.5000 Plan users will get more tasks compared to Rs.500 Plan users.

What are those Tasks?

User needs to Share the link to social media platforms and take a screenshot and uploaded back to Acebest website. you will get some money back if you do these kind of tasks. money for each task depends on the plan you choose.

Some of the users said they got the task Points even without completing the actual task and just by uploading some random screenshots acebest added that task points into users wallet (Acebest left a hint that this is not Legit)

Does People Withdraw Money?

Yes! some people received their income to their bank accounts.


According to Iconicverge Survey Most of the people who invested in this Acebest website are Graduates and well educated professionals. some people invested to test this website others didn’t know this is a scam.

We all facing bad time because of this Covid-19 Pandemic we have learned several lessons and still phasing several problems. even in these bad situations some people are scamming innocent people like
there are several more websites with the same concept and still people are investing and depositing money in those websites.

If you are one of the Victim of Acebest? the Join our Facebook Group Let’s Fight Together

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