Autopsy, Grave Rating, and Corpse Guide in Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is all about making the corpses nearly as good as they are often and then burying them in your graveyard. But how do you truly do this? How does post-mortem work? What do physique components do? How to attain all of these candy white skulls? In this information, we’ll reply all these questions with this corpse information in Graveyard Keeper. So, in case you’re a newbie, stick round to learn the way to make the corpses good.

What Is the Point of Autopsy?

Autopsy in Graveyard Keeper is a course of in which the participant takes out or replaces physique components from the corpse. This mechanic is launched at first of the sport and is crucial one. But, what’s even the purpose of the post-mortem? The level is to make nearly as good of a corpse as attainable.

A very good corpse is one with a number of white skulls and no crimson or inexperienced skulls. So, if a corpse has solely a number of white skulls and no crimson or inexperienced skulls, it’s nonetheless not an excellent corpse.

You’ll get our bodies with each crimson and white skulls and your job is to do away with the crimson skulls and depart solely white skulls. However, in case you’re not cautious, white skulls will flip into inexperienced skulls. So, the way in which you enhance a corpse is thru post-mortem.

Each of the physique components has its personal cranium worth, which suggests they both add crimson and/or white skulls to the corpse. We will go in-depth on how every of the physique components behaves in the following part.

For now, let’s speak concerning the grave a bit. The purpose you want white skulls is if you bury a corpse, the white skulls will be mixed with the headstone factors to create a grave score. If a buried corpse has a number of white skulls and the headstone you used on it has a number of headstone factors, that grave will total have a number of grave score factors. For extra particulars on this, transfer to the final part of this information.

How to Remove Body Parts and What Do They Do

When the donkey delivers a physique, you need to decide it up and transport it into the morgue. Note that this physique could have a share above it. This is a freshness share. It will decide how contemporary the corpse is. Once the proportion goes under 90, one white cranium in the corpse will develop into a inexperienced cranium. This would be the case for each 10% decay.

So, the upper the freshness share a corpse has, the higher. In the early recreation, there may be actually no method to take away a inexperienced cranium, so attempt to be fast. Later in the sport, you possibly can take away inexperienced skulls with embalming liquids.

After you’ve the physique in the morgue, place it on the post-mortem desk or the preparation place. Once there, work together with the desk with the physique on high and the corpse menu will seem. Here, you possibly can see the physique components you’ve unlocked by way of the know-how tab.

You could click on on them to take away them. The popup window will at all times seem letting you verify your determination. Removing every of the physique components could have a unique impact on the physique and its white and crimson skulls. Here is an in depth record of what eradicating every of the physique components does to the cranium worth of a corpse.

Body Part Effect of Removal
Flesh Removes 1 white cranium
Blood Replaces 1 crimson cranium with a white cranium
Fat Replaces 1 crimson cranium with a white cranium
Bone No impact
Skin Replaces 1 white cranium with a crimson cranium
Skull Adds 1 crimson cranium
Brain Randomly provides or removes 0-3 crimson and/or white skulls
Heart Randomly provides or removes 0-3 crimson and/or white skulls
Intestines Randomly provides or removes 0-3 crimson and/or white skulls
Dark mind Removes 4 crimson skulls and 1 white cranium
Dark coronary heart Removes 4 crimson skulls and 1 white cranium
Dark intestines Removes 4 crimson skulls and 1 white cranium

Most of the physique components have a set cranium worth. However, necessary components just like the mind, coronary heart, and intestines don’t. They are given a random cranium worth of +/- 0-3 crimson and white skulls. This means chances are you’ll come throughout one among these solely offering one white cranium to the physique, whereas another instances you’ll discover it offering 3 white and 3 crimson skulls.

Later in the sport, you’ll be capable to unlock the Cultist perk for 300 blue tech factors. This perk permits you to see the crimson and white skulls of physique components, which suggests you possibly can see how they have an effect on the corpse. So this perk will mean you can see the precise cranium worth of necessary components earlier than you take away them.

Also, the Cultist perk could trigger some confusion in the start. The worth of the crimson and white skulls it shows is the case whereas this physique half is in the physique. This signifies that if you take out the physique half, the impact will truly be reverse. So, in the case of blood, it says that it provides a crimson cranium and removes a white cranium when it’s in the physique. If you take away it, it’ll substitute a crimson cranium with a white cranium.

Viewing blood body part with the Cultist perk

Furthermore, in the corpse menu, you’ll additionally see a plus signal button that claims Insert. This button will mean you can insert a physique half that’s lacking into the physique. So, you can not add a component if it’s already in the physique. Thanks to this button, chances are you’ll insert a component offering extra white skulls. Sometimes, crimson skulls are price including as effectively.

Usually, an necessary half that provides each white and crimson skulls is best than the one which simply provides white skulls. This is as a result of you possibly can take away crimson skulls and add white skulls. The most evident method to do that is by eradicating blood and fats, which is able to each substitute one crimson cranium with a white one. But that’s not all. You might also use embalming liquids that can assist you do away with the crimson skulls and even add white skulls altogether. This is a sophisticated subject we’ll cowl in one other information.

So, the extra white skulls you’ve, the higher. But additionally the extra crimson skulls you’ve, the extra of them you’ll be capable to flip into white skulls if it’s attainable.

One extra necessary function of the post-mortem is the surgeon’s mistake. It seems randomly whereas eradicating a physique half. You can’t take away it and it replaces 1 white cranium with a crimson cranium. The method you decrease the possibilities of the surgeon’s mistake showing is by unlocking the butcher perk and the surgeon perk. Moreover, the preparation place II or post-mortem desk II additionally lowers the prospect of this taking place.

Autopsy Examples in Graveyard Keeper

Now, let’s go over two post-mortem examples, one from the early recreation and the opposite one from the mid to late recreation. This will show you how to understand how post-mortem works.

Early Game

  • First, the corpses you’ll get in the sport could have a low variety of crimson skulls, normally one, two, or three. The physique in our instance has one crimson cranium Also, I’ve unlocked the three applied sciences that mean you can take away all physique components. They are fairly low-cost, so you possibly can simply unlock them earlier than the tip of the primary week.
Early game corpse with one red skull and two white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • So, our corpse has one crimson cranium and two white skulls. It hasn’t deteriorated, so the freshness share is near 100%. The very first thing we’ll do is take away blood or fats.
  • This will substitute one crimson cranium with a white cranium, leaving the corpse with solely three white skulls.
Removed blood so the corpse now has only three white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • We nonetheless have the opposite half that replaces a crimson cranium with a white one, so it’s a waste if we don’t take away it.
  • That’s why we’ll take away a cranium from the corpse, because it’ll add a crimson cranium to the physique. This leaves us with three white skulls and one crimson cranium.
Removed skull so the body has three white skulls and one red skull
  • Now, we are able to take away the fats or blood relying on which one is left and you’ll find yourself with 4 white skulls. Luckily, we didn’t get the surgeon’s mistake pop-up in this case, however it could present up for you.
Removed fat so the body has four white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • This physique is fairly good for the early recreation, however once more the variety of white skulls issues lots. Therefore, you’ll need to take away it out of your graveyard later in the sport.

Mid to Late Game

  • The corpse in this instance has 5 white skulls and 4 crimson skulls.
More advanced corpse with four red skulls and five white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • The very first thing we’ll do is take away fats and blood, because it’ll depart us with 7 white skulls and 2 crimson skulls.
Removed fat and blood so the body has two red skulls and seven white skulls
  • Then, we must always check out the necessary components. We have the Cultist perk, so we are able to see their cranium values.
  • We’ll now present you two totally different strategies utilizing which you’ll be able to cope with this physique. First, in case you don’t have any spare necessary components mendacity round, you need to then take away the cranium. This will add one crimson cranium to the corpse, so we’re left with 7 white skulls and 3 crimson skulls.
Removed skull so the corpse has three red skulls and seven white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • Three crimson skulls is an ideal quantity you possibly can simply take away, due to gold and silver injections. These embalming liquids will substitute 3 crimson skulls with 3 white skulls which is able to in the tip yield 10 white skulls. You can then apply the glue injection and the ultimate corpse could have 11 white skulls and no crimson skulls.
Added multiple different embalming liquids and the body has 11 white skulls in the end
  • Alternatively, as a substitute of eradicating a cranium, you can additionally use lye injection. It would add a crimson and white cranium. After making use of all different liquids, the corpse would have 12 white skulls in the tip. This is a greater method of doing it in case you do have lye injection, although I did overlook about this embalming liquid.
  • The second methodology includes changing an necessary physique half. The coronary heart in this corpse provides two crimson and white skulls which is nice. The intestines add solely two white skulls, however I’ve nothing higher than that.
  • Finally, the mind provides two crimson skulls and one white cranium. I’ve received a spare mind in my stock that provides solely two white skulls. In this instance, we’ll substitute the 2 brains.
Viewing a brain body part that adds two red skulls and one white skull
  • So, we’ll take away the mind from the corpse and substitute it with the mind that provides solely white skulls.
Replacing the brain with another one that adds two white skulls
  • Now we’re left with a corpse with 8 white skulls. The subsequent step is to take away the cranium, so the physique has 8 white skulls and one crimson cranium. The higher factor to do is to make use of lye injection right here as effectively if in case you have it. You’d be left with 9 white skulls and one crimson cranium.
Removed a skull so the corpse has one red skull and 8 white skulls in Graveyard Keeper
  • Then, you’ll need to add the darkish injection to this physique. This embalming liquid will add two extra crimson skulls. Then, we’re left with 8 white skulls and 3 crimson skulls.
  • Just as earlier than, this can be a excellent variety of crimson skulls for the gold and silver injection combo. Don’t overlook so as to add glue injection for an additional white cranium.
  • After making use of all these liquids, you’ll be left with a corpse with 12 white skulls (or 13 white skulls in case you used the lye injection). You also can attain extra white skulls if in case you have a greater mind or intestines in this case.
After adding the embalming liquids the corpse has 12 white skulls in Graveyard Keeper

All Morgue Pallets and Tables Explained

While trying by way of the anatomy and alchemy know-how tab, you’ll see there are some pallets and tables you possibly can unlock. They present totally different alternatives and benefits that can assist you in the post-mortem course of. View the desk under to see precisely what these tables do in Graveyard Keeper.

Pallet/Table Description
Preparation place I/Autopsy desk I Simple desk that permits you to take away or substitute physique components from a corpse. Slows down the physique’s decay.
Preparation place II/Autopsy desk II Provides similar operate because the preparation desk I, however in contrast to it, this desk additionally stops the decay of corpses utterly and reduces an opportunity of a surgeon’s mistake occurring.
Pallet Spot the place you possibly can place a corpse. This corpse will decay extra slowly than if it have been simply on the bottom.
Double Pallet Spot the place you possibly can place two corpses. They will decay at a slower price.
Fridge Pallet Spot the place you possibly can place two corpses. Completely stops physique’s decay.
Embalming desk I Table the place you possibly can place a corpse and then apply any embalming liquid to. Slows down the corpse’s decay.
Embalming desk II Table the place you possibly can place a corpse and then apply any embalming liquid to. Completely stops the corpse’s decay and additionally accelerates the embalming course of.
Resurrection desk Table the place you possibly can flip a corpse right into a zombie with 10 religion and 1 zombie juice.

All of those tables and pallets besides the resurrection desk enhance morgue capability. You can have as many our bodies because the morgue capability at any level, so long as the Donkey has sufficient carrots.

Grave Rating in Graveyard Keeper Explained

Now, let’s speak concerning the last stage of the corpse’s journey in this Graveyard Keeper information. So, when you create nearly as good of a corpse as attainable, it’s time to bury it or flip it right into a zombie. Today, we’ll be specializing in burying the corpse. Take it to the graveyard and dig a gap. Once you place the physique in the opening, you can not take it out with out an exhumation permission.

Once you bury the physique you’ll see it will get a score immediately. If it doesn’t have any crimson skulls, the score shall be 0.

Grave rating with no red skulls and no gravestones

If it does have crimson skulls, each single one among them will add a -1 worth to the score. So, it’s finest if the corpses you bury in the graveyard don’t comprise any crimson skulls.

Grave rating with red skulls and no gravestones

Now, work together with the grave and the menu will pop up exhibiting the corpse’s cranium worth on the left, the chosen headstone and grave fence on the best. They are clean in case you haven’t chosen something but, the general grave score will seem in the center.

Grave score is crucial a part of the grave. It works like this: the white skulls of a corpse get mixed with the headstone and grave fence factors to create grave score factors. The grave score can’t exceed the variety of white skulls and the upper this score is the extra factors your whole graveyard could have. So that’s why having a number of white skulls is necessary.

When it involves the gravestones and grave fences, there may be some technique to them as effectively. The grave score depends upon the mixed white skulls and headstone factors. So, if a corpse has 13 white skulls and you add a brilliant fancy headstone and grave fence to it so the headstone factors are 14, then solely the 13 headstone factors will rely, as that’s the variety of white skulls.

Therefore, it’s a waste in case you use a headstone or grave fence whose factors aren’t even used. Here’s a sensible instance. The corpse you buried has 13 white skulls. You add the marble sculpture IV because the headstone, which provides 9 headstone factors.

Corpse has 13 white skulls and the player added a gravestone with 9 gravestone points

For the grave fence, you need to solely actually go for the one which provides 4 headstone factors, like a easy marble grave fence, although it’s not the absolute best one. This will be sure to don’t waste the precious headstone factors.

To not waste gravestone points player added a grave fence with only 4 gravestone points

So, that’s about it for this in depth corpse information in Graveyard Keeper. This is a little bit of a sophisticated subject and it could take a while so that you can get used to all of the mechanics. The embalming will assist considerably in enhancing the corpse and due to this fact the grave score, so it’s a good suggestion to play with it too in case you haven’t already. That mentioned, we hope this information helped you get higher at post-mortem. If it did, don’t overlook to share your expertise in the feedback under!

What do I do with physique components?

You can use physique components to make totally different alchemy merchandise. Also, in case you come throughout good necessary components, you possibly can preserve them and put them in one other physique so you can also make a brilliant zombie. It’s additionally attainable to make burgers out of flesh, which you too can promote to Horadric.

How do you get extra corpses?

Well, that is largely random. If you present the Donkey with a number of carrots, it’s solely a matter of time that he’ll ship them.

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