Bill Gates gets thank-you letter from President Xi Jinping china for coronavirus help

Bill Gates gets thank-you letter from President Xi Jinping china for coronavirus help digitpatrox

Billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates received a thank-you note expressing gratitude from China’s President Xi Jinping over their millions dollar help to the country which is grappling with coronavirus. “I support your cooperation with relevant Chinese institutions, and look forward to enhanced coordination and concerted efforts in the international community for the sake of health and well-being of all,” Xi Jinping said in the letter to Bill Gates on 20 February 2020, China’s Xinhua news agency reported. Bill and Melinda Gates-run Gates Foundation had pledged about $100 million towards helping China amid coronavirus outbreak.  

“The funding will help strengthen detection, isolation and treatment efforts; protect at-risk populations; and develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. The new funding is inclusive of $10 million the foundation committed to the outbreak in late January,” the foundation had earlier said in a statement. Xi Jinping complimented the foundation’s early efforts towards the global cause of fighting against the deadly virus which has already claimed over 2,200 lives so far, according to China’s National Health Commission. 

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Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are among a handful of billionaires who have pledged money towards the war against coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma had also pledged $145 million to establish a fund against coronavirus outbreak and had also extended support of its artificial intelligence (AI) expertise. 

Meanwhile, coronavirus, which originated in the Wuhan city of China’s Hubei province, is a looming danger to global economic growth. There have been concerns over India’s supply chain disruption as key supplies from China have dried up. India imports raw materials as well as finished products for many of its industries from China. 

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