Cold Moon 2020 | What is Cold Moon?

Full Moon happens in India on 29th and 30th of December
7:54pm on 29th and 8:57pm on 30th

This was the last Lunar event of this year 2020 which is also knows as ‘Cold Moon’ this will happens for Two days on 29th and 30th of December

What is Cold Moon?

The year end Full Moon is also called as ‘Cold Moon’ and this was the last full moon of the this year and it happens for two straight cold days the second day would be the brightest.

How Full Moon Occurs and Why it is visible only during Nights?

During the Full Moon the Sun and the Moon is exactly opposite to eachother and the Earth is in between the both Sun and the Moon. The Moon’s illuminated sides will face towards night side of the earth so the Full Moon will only be visible only during nights.

Cold Moon 2020 What is Cold Moon why moon look orange digitpatrox

(Refer the above image)

What color is in this Full Moon?


Cold Moon 2020 What is Cold Moon why moon look orange digitpatrox

As you can see the wavelengths table. Orange and Red have longer wave lengths where as Blue has shorter wavelength.

The reflected sunlight from the moon passes through the earth’s atmosphere. what exactly happens is while reflected light enters into earth’s atmosphere the light will scatters more while moon started to rise because of longer wavelengths and slowly when the moon comes above us the light scatters fast because of the shorter wavelengths so it turns in to pale yellow as it rises and finally White when the moon is above us.

Cold Moon 2020 What is Cold Moon why moon look orange digitpatrox


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