Gemini Advanced failed these simple coding tests that ChatGPT aced. Here's what it got wrong

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To the nice disappointment of Shakespeare punsters all over the place, Google has renamed Bard to Gemini. Google has additionally come out with a extra succesful, extra superior, costlier model of Gemini known as Gemini Advanced. Gemini and Gemini Advanced are roughly analogous to ChatGPT’s base mannequin and the ChatGPT Plus service supplied for an extra payment.

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In truth, each Google and OpenAI cost $20/month for entry to their smarter, extra super-powered choices.

As a part of my testing course of over the previous 12 months, I’ve subjected generative AIs to a wide range of coding challenges. ChatGPT has repeatedly completed fairly effectively, whereas Google’s Bard failed fairly arduous on two separate events.

I ran the identical set of tests in opposition to Meta’s Code Llama AI, which Meta claims is sort of tremendous superior for coding (and but, it’s not).

To be clear, these will not be significantly arduous tests. One is a request to put in writing a simple WordPress plugin. One is to rewrite a string perform. And one is to assist discover a bug I initially had issue discovering.

Last week, after utilizing these identical tests on Code Llama, a reader reached out to me and requested me why I hold utilizing the identical tests. He reasoned that the AIs would possibly succeed in the event that they got totally different challenges.

This is a good query, however my reply can be honest. These are super-simple tests. I’m utilizing PHP, which isn’t precisely a difficult language. And I’m operating some scripting queries by way of the AIs. By utilizing precisely the identical tests, we’re in a position to examine efficiency immediately.

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But it’s additionally like instructing somebody to drive. If they cannot get out of the driveway, you are not going to set them free in a quick automotive on a crowded freeway.

ChatGPT did fairly effectively with nearly all the things I threw at it, so I threw extra at it. I ultimately ran tests with ChatGPT in 22 separate programming languages, 12 trendy and 10 obscure. Except for some confused headers within the screenshot interface, ChatGPT aced all of the tests.

But since Bard, at the very least again in May, could not get out of the driveway safely, I wasn’t about to topic it to extra tests till it may deal with the fundamentals.

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But now we’re again. Bard is Gemini and I’ve Gemini Advanced. Let’s see what all that Google computing energy can do for a couple of simple tests.

Test 1: Write a simple WordPress plugin

This was my very first take a look at with ChatGPT, and Bard has failed it twice. The problem was to put in writing a simple WordPress plugin that offers a simple consumer interface. It’s imagined to type and dedup a collection of submitted strains.

Here’s the immediate:

Write a PHP 8 appropriate WordPress plugin that offers a textual content entry subject the place a listing of strains will be pasted into it and a button, that when pressed, randomizes the strains within the checklist and presents the leads to a second textual content entry subject with no clean strains and makes positive no two similar entries are subsequent to one another (until there is not any different choice)…with the variety of strains submitted and the variety of strains within the outcome similar to one another. Under the primary subject, show textual content stating “Line to randomize: ” with the variety of nonempty strains within the supply subject. Under the second subject, show textual content stating “Lines that have been randomized: ” with the variety of non-empty strains within the vacation spot subject.

One factor to bear in mind is that I purposely did not specify whether or not this software is out there on the entrance finish (to website guests) or on the again finish (to website admins). ChatGPT wrote it as a back-end function, however Gemini Advanced wrote it as a front-end function.

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Gemini Advanced additionally selected to put in writing each PHP code and JavaScript. To provoke the plugin, a shortcode must be positioned within the physique textual content of a pattern web page, like this:


Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

Once I saved the web page, I seen it as a website customer would. This is what Gemini Advanced introduced.


Gemini Advanced’s first attempt

Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

It’s actually a far cry from how ChatGPT introduced the identical function, however ChatGPT wrote it for the again finish. 


Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

One different be aware: Once I pasted in names and clicked Randomize utilizing the Gemini-generated front-end model of the code, nothing occurred.

I made a decision I used to be going to present Gemini Advanced a second likelihood. I modified the primary line to:

Write a PHP 8 appropriate WordPress plugin that offers the next for a dashboard interface

This was a failure, in that Gemini Advanced once more insisted on giving me a shortcode. It even instructed I paste the shortcode in “an appropriate dashboard space.” This is not how the WordPress dashboard works.

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To be honest, there was nonetheless a little bit of wiggle room in how the AI would possibly interpret my directions. So I clarified another time, altering the start of the immediate to:

Write a PHP 8 appropriate WordPress plugin that offers a brand new admin menu and an admin interface with the next options:

This time, Gemini Advanced created a workable interface. Unfortunately, it nonetheless did not perform. When pasting a set of names into the highest subject and hitting the Randomize button, nothing occurred. 


Gemini Advanced’s third try. In my take a look at, I included names, however left them out of this screenshot as a result of they have been actual names from that day’s e-mail. After hitting Randomize, nothing confirmed up within the backside subject.

Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

Conclusion: Compared to ChatGPT’s first try, that is nonetheless a failure. It’s really worse than the outcomes of my unique Bard take a look at, however not fairly as dangerous as my second Bard take a look at.

Test 2: Rewrite a string perform

In the next code, I requested ChatGPT to rewrite some string processing code that processed {dollars} and cents. My preliminary take a look at code solely allowed integers (so, {dollars} solely) however the aim was to permit {dollars} and cents. This is a take a look at that ChatGPT got proper. Bard initially failed, however ultimately succeeded.

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Here’s the immediate:


Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

And this is the produced code:


Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

This one is a failure as effectively, however it’s each refined and harmful. The generated Gemini Advanced code does not permit for non-decimal inputs. In different phrases, 1.00 is allowed, however 1 isn’t. Neither is 20. Worse, it determined to restrict the numbers to 2 digits earlier than the decimal level as a substitute of after, exhibiting it does not perceive the idea of {dollars} and cents. It fails in case you enter 100.50, however permits 99.50.

Conclusion: Ouch. This is a very easy downside, the type of factor you give to first-year programming college students. And it’s a failure. Worse, it’s the type of failure that won’t be simple for a human programmer to seek out, so in case you trusted Gemini Advanced to present you this code and assumed it labored, you might need a raft of bug experiences later.

Test 3: Find a bug

Late final 12 months, I used to be fighting a bug. My code ought to have labored, however it did not. The concern was removed from instantly apparent, however after I requested ChatGPT, it identified that I used to be trying within the wrong place.

I used to be trying on the variety of parameters being handed, which appeared like the correct reply to the error I used to be getting. But I as a substitute wanted to vary the code in one thing known as a hook.

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Both Bard and Meta went down the identical faulty and futile path I had again then, lacking the small print of how the system actually labored. As I stated, ChatGPT got it. So, now it’s time to see if — when equipped with precisely the identical info — Gemini Advanced can redeem itself.


Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

Gemini Advanced did have a look at the code. And it did determine that there’s a parameter concern. But its advice is to look “probably elsewhere within the plugin or WordPress” to seek out the error.


Gemini Advanced’s reply.

Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

By distinction, that is ChatGPT’s reply.


ChatGPT’s reply. Click the sq. within the nook to enlarge if you wish to learn the entire thing.

Screenshot by David Gewirtz/ZDNET

Look on the element supplied within the second paragraph. ChatGPT appropriately recognized precisely the place the error is being made and the best way to right it. That’s much more useful than recommending I look elsewhere within the plugin.

Conclusion: Gemini Advanced simply wasn’t all that useful. Nothing it instructed me was something I did not know. And nothing it instructed me helped to unravel the issue.

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Well, that’s a bummer

I’ve been often utilizing ChatGPT to assist pace up my coding. In some ways, it’s been wonderful. For one challenge, I’m satisfied it enabled me to construct one thing in a weekend that would possibly in any other case have taken me a month or extra.

But Gemini Advanced? There’s no approach I’d even open up its interface. Not solely does it fail, however a few of its failures are sufficiently subtle that they may initially not be observed, inflicting all kinds of issues as soon as the code is launched.

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This is why it is advisable to be very cautious when utilizing any AI as a coding helper. But with Gemini Advanced, my advice is to easily keep away from it. I see nothing it does that you, by yourself, cannot do higher. And it actually does not maintain a candle to ChatGPT’s stellar efficiency.

And they cost $20/month for this?

Have you tried coding with Gemini, Gemini Advanced, Bard, or ChatGPT? What has your expertise been? Let us know within the feedback under.

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