How to connect PS4 to internet without TV

how to connect ps4 to internet without TV

If your friend don’t have TV and you want to download games to your PS4 using your friends internet!

This is the right solution for you

Follow these steps and enjoy downloading.

you won’t find any solution on the internet other than this most of the websites and youtube channels would say that you can connect PS4 through Remote play but, that doesn’t work because you need internet to do that.

Here are some question that strike in your head!

How to connect ps4/playstation to internet/wifi without TV?
How to connect Ps4/playstation to internet/wifi without looking at screen?
How to watch Ps4/playstation screen on Mobile/Phone?
How to connect Ps4 to laptop/computer?
How to watch Ps4 screen on laptop without connecting to internet?
How to play ps4 games laptop?
How to connect PS4 with hdmi cable?

If you are one of those who struck with these question here is the solution for you

what you need to do is play Blind game

Yes! you have to remember the path to go to that particular LAN settings in this case you cannot enter wifi password without looking at screen. so we have to connect using Ethernet cable

The only option you have is to connect your PS4 with Ethernet cable and Turn it “ON”

Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Connect Ethernet cable to PS4.
STEP 2: Turn ON PS4 (Through controller🎮)
It will take 30 seconds to bootup.
STEP 3: Move PS4 controller Left Joystick to UP
STEP 4: Then Move Left Joystick to Right ⇨8 Times (Settings)
STEP 5: Press X (which is ok)
STEP 6:Then Move Left Joystick to Down ⇩3 Times (Network)
STEP 7: Press X (which is ok)
STEP 8: Then Move Left Joystick to Down 1 Time (Setup Internet)
STEP 9: Press X (which is ok)
STEP10: Then Move Left Joystick to Down ⇩ 1 Time (Use A LAN)
STEP 11: Press X (which is ok)
STEP12: Press X Again For EASY Mode

In Short: Arrows represents Left Joystick 🕹

Left 🕹 ⇧ ⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨ x ⇩⇩⇩x xx x

Then network will automatically connects to your PS4 Enjoy!

you don’t have TV to test the internet right?
No Problem! your ps4 is now connected to internet you can open you Laptop or download PS4 Remote Play app from Playstore or App store

and connect your PS4 with Remoteplay and download whatever game you want.

i’ll try to attach pictures if you have any doubts email me: i’ll try to respond as soon as possible

if you are happy with this then do follw us on social media links

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