How to Find, Catch, and Breed Astegon in Palworld

Paldeck entry #98, Astegon is among the strongest multi-element Pals in Palworld. It comes with darkish and dragon-type talents. Astegon additionally helps mining stage 4, which helps you to assign jobs to this Pal for quicker mining. As a late-game Pal, Astegon may be tough to tame, very similar to catching Jormuntide Ignis or Quivern, nevertheless it’s not inconceivable. So preserve studying as we present you ways to discover and catch Astegon. We will even present you ways to breed different Pals to get Astegon in Palworld.

Method 1: Find and Catch Astegon in Palworld

1. Astegon Location

There are two locations the place yow will discover an Astegon in Palworld. Below, we’ve talked about the precise areas (together with coordinates) the place yow will discover this lethal Pal. Check the photographs under for a greater understanding.

  • Destroyed Mineshaft (-615,-427): The first place yow will discover Astegon is the Destroyed Mineshaft beneath Mount Obsidian. Once on the Volcanic Island, go to the Mount Obsidian Midpoint fast-travel and search for the lava pit close to the mountain. Now, search for a mine entrance beneath the mountain. The Astegon contained in the shaft will respawn should you defeat or seize it, as it’s a stage 48 alpha boss Pal.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 (663,628): If you need to discover a bulk of Astegons, head over to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Go to the Deep Sand Dunes journey level and transfer in direction of the map’s jap edge. Use a few of the quickest mounts for swimming or flying in Palworld to get there.
  • Destroyed Mineshaft entrance
  • Shadowbeak, Astegon Palworld location No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Tips to Catch Astegon

Once you find Astegon in any of the aforementioned areas, strive the following tips to catch it quicker:

  • Visit the Sanctuary throughout Night: Although yow will discover Astegon through the day and nighttime in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, there will probably be a whole lot of completely different Pals and PIDF guards. If they discover you across the place, you’ll get a wished stage, derailing every thing. We advise heading there through the evening to make sure the guards are asleep.
  • Make positive to stage up: Astegon is a powerful Pal that may fluctuate from stage 40-49. That’s why it’s higher to pursue the Pal after you hit a minimum of stage 45. Make positive you’ve sufficient firepower to struggle it, too. We suggest utilizing rocket launchers and ice grenades for top injury and stun functionality.
  • Pal Spheres are your buddy: Grab some Ultra or Legendary Pal Spheres to guarantee Astegon doesn’t escape if you strive to seize it. Before making an attempt to seize it, be certain it has beneath 10% HP of its most well being. Try ice-type Pals like Frostallion or Chillet to take the large darkish dragons down simply.
Jetragon fighting Astegon to catch after finding it

Method 2: Get Astegon from Breeding

You won’t all the time want preventing the darkish, mighty dragon. That is why there are some breeding combos in Palworld that you should utilize. Using these breeding combos will get you a Huge Dragon Egg or Huge Dark Egg that may ultimately hatch into an Astegon.

We want you strive to hatch the Huge Eggs (Dark or Dragon) discovered from the breeding combos. If you hatch Huge Eggs discovered in different components of the map, you would possibly get different random dragon varieties or darkish aspect Pals. To get an Astegon, strive breeding combos from the record under:

Those are the methods to discover and catch or breed Astegon in Palworld. Astegon is a superb Pal to work at your base as a miner. So, now that you understand how to get an Astegon, what will probably be the very first thing you’ll use it for? Let us know in the feedback under.

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