How to View Your Stats on Spotify?

Forgetting about issues is part of human nature. Likewise, forgetting in regards to the songs is a standard factor that has been observed numerous instances. However fashionable musical software program doesn’t let their customers overlook songs.

As common Spotify customers, we hearken to various kinds of songs each day. Fortunately, it retains a observe report of each exercise of the consumer account together with earlier, most performed songs, favourite artists, and genres. You’ll be able to view your Spotify stats and analyze your actions.

The aim of this information is to jot down the attainable strategies to view your Spotify stats.

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  • The way to View Your Stats on Spotify Desktop/Mac?
  • The way to Obscurify Your Songs on Spotify?
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  • The way to View Your Stats on Spotify Android/IOS?

    To view your stats on Spotify, there are a number of strategies you possibly can make the most of. You’ll be able to view stats within the Spotify app and in numerous third-party web sites. Let’s talk about these strategies one after the other.

    Technique 1: View Your Stats From Spotify App

    The quickest strategy to view your Spotify stats is from the Spotify app. To do that, accomplish the given directions.

    Step 1: Open Spotify App
    Open your Spotify app and faucet on the “Profile” icon on the prime left nook:

    Step 2: Entry Listening Historical past
    A sidebar will probably be opened, faucet on the “Listening historical past” to open it:

    Step 3: View Your Stats
    By doing the above 2 steps, your Spotify historical past will probably be listed together with your entire listened-to songs and favourite artists:

    Technique 2: View Your Stats From Stats for Spotify Website

    Stats for Spotify is a well-known web site that exhibits the observe report of Spotify songs, artists, and genres. Merely log in to this website and select the stat sort you need to see. Let’s see this methodology beneath.

    Step 1: Go to Stats for Spotify
    Open your browser, go to the Stats for Spotify website, and faucet on the “Login with Spotify” button:

    Step 2: Choose Stats to View
    As soon as logged in, simply choose and faucet on the stats sort you need to see. Let’s say, we need to see the highest tracks:

    Doing above, the highest tracks will probably be listed:

    Technique 3: View Your Stats From Website

    One other common methodology to view your Spotify stats is from the website. It’s going to additionally show the highest songs, artists, and genres to your account. For a sensible demonstration, observe the given steps.

    Step 1: Navigate to Website
    Open your browser, navigate to the website, and register with the Spotify account:

    Step 2: Open Spotify Profile
    After signing in, faucet on the “Go To Your Profile →” choice:

    Step 3: See Artists
    As soon as the profile is opened, scroll down, and see the artists to your Spotify account:

    Step 4: View Prime Songs
    Scroll down extra and think about the highest songs to your Spotify account:

    Technique 4: View Your Stats From Website

    Other than the above strategies, you too can use the website to view your Spotify stats. Let’s see this methodology implementation within the given steps.

    Step 1: Open Website
    Open the web site in your browser and log in with the Spotify account by tapping on the “Log in” choice:

    Step 2: View Spotify Stats
    As soon as logged in, it’ll show Spotify stats for the actual account equivalent to prime artists, not too long ago performed tracks:

    The way to View Your Stats on Spotify Desktop/Mac?

    For Spotify desktop/Mac customers, the stats might be seen simply from the house interface of the Spotify app. For the illustration, see the next 2 steps.

    Step 1: Present All Not too long ago Performed Songs
    Open your Spotify app, search for the “Not too long ago Performed” songs/artists, and click on on the “Present all” choice:

    Step 2: View Your Stats
    After that, view your Spotify stats equivalent to artists and songs:

    The way to Obscurify Your Songs on Spotify?

    If you’re extra aware about your music listening and need to obscure Spotify songs, use the Obscurify web site. It mainly analyzes your music style and tells the share of your favorite music listened to in your nation.

    Step 1: Login to Obscurify
    Open the Obscurify website in your browser and log in together with your Spotify account:

    Step 2: Open Abstract
    After logging in, your music style will probably be rated and displayed. Faucet on the “Open Abstract” choice to see the music abstract:

    Step 3: View Your Abstract
    A music abstract report will probably be displayed:

    That’s all about viewing your stats on Spotify.

    Wrapping Up

    To view the stats in your Spotify account, merely faucet on the “Profile” icon and open the “Listening historical past”. In addition to this, you should use third-party websites like Stats for Spotify,, or Other than that, to obscurify your music style, make the most of the Obscurify web site. For detailed information, try the above information.

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