Man kills daughter to claim insurance money in Nepal

Nepal man kills daughter to claim insurance

Highlights: 39 Year old men killed his daughter

A 39-year-old man has been arrested in Nepal for allegedly killing his minor daughter so that he could claim Rs 25 lakh insurance money, police said on Friday.

According to police spokesperson Nabin Karki , Yadav allegedly killed his daughter by throttling her on Monday. The body of the minor was found floating on a pond the following morning.

Ram Kishor Yadav of Maulapur Municipality of Siraha district, strangled his four-year-old daughter Laxmi Kumari Yadav to get Rs 25 lakh insurance money, the police said.

Laxmi was the youngest daughter of Yadav and he got her insured at Prabhu Bank for her bright future.

The investigation shows that Yadav had already paid the first premium of Rs 175,000 to the bank.

Police also said that after Yadav learned from someone that the insurance company would pay double the insurance amount in case of insured person’s death within a month of holding policy, he was motivated to take the advantage by killing his own daughter.

Police further revealed that Yadav had frequently been serving jail sentences for different cases time and again from 2001 to 2004.

by Shirish B Pradhan

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