A Country without Military GRANADA digitpatrox latest

A Country without military GRANADA

In today’s world we are living in a country where Strength of a country will depends on the military they have not by the resources. Today we are going to show you one country with no ARMY / military and they are happy that is GRENADA. It is a small ...
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Best app to hide photos and videos digitpatrox

Best App to hide Photos and Videos

This app is a Necessary Application in every ones smart phone. As per the central government orders in india nearly 59 China based mobile apps has been removed from play store still adding. Out of those VAULT (photo safe app) is one of those and is quite famous application to ...
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Cleanest Countries in the world digtpatrox latest

Cleanest Countries in the world 2020

Today we are going to show you three cleanest countries in the whole world if in case you think there are some other countries which we haven’t listed you can write to us 3. SLOVENIA: A country of Balkans in central europe. Slovenia is one of the most greenest place ...
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AP CM YS Jagan is going to launch 104 and 108 services once again digitpatrox latest news

AP CM YS Jagan is going to launch 104 and 108 services once again

Highlights:­čĽ│Launching date on 1st july 2020­čĽ│Ap CM Jagan launching 412 New Ambulances­čĽ│104 and 108 services are all set to launch Andhra Pradesh Chief minister YS Jagan Mohan reddy has implemented most of the fulfilments what his party mentioned in manifesto during election campaign. Not just for one sector or community ...
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list of apps that india govt has banned india vs china digitpatrox

List of Apps that india GOVT has Banned

The government of india has banned 59china based mobile applications in india. Data collecting from these applications are used by china government illegally to access india property. Government has said that Under Article 69A we are implementing these actions In order to ban these apps completly in india service providers ...
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