One Piece: Luffy's Father's Devil Fruit Is Actually A Mythical Zoan


  • One Piece could have already hinted at Dragon’s Satan Fruit being a Legendary Zoan modeled after the thunderbird, explaining his capacity to manage not simply wind but additionally thunder, lightning, and storms.
  • References to Native American tradition and the thunderbird may be discovered within the symbols of the Freedom Fighters and the Revolutionary Military, in addition to Dragon’s tattoo, including additional assist to the idea.
  • The thunderbird has appeared explicitly in One Piece earlier than, suggesting that it might exist as a delusion inside the collection, making the potential for a Zoan Satan Fruit modeled after it believable.

One Piece could have already left all of the clues to Dragon’s Satan Fruit, and it might truly be a Legendary Zoan as an alternative of a Wind Logia as popularly believed. Furthermore, the proof could have been staring followers within the face all alongside and will doubtlessly clarify most of the largest mysteries about Dragon.

Based on a well-liked concept proposed by X customers @writingpanini and @breaking2good, Dragon’s Satan Fruit could also be a Legendary Zoan modeled after the thunderbird, a legendary creature of nice energy that may management not solely thunder and lightning but additionally the wind and storms. The thunderbird is a big facet of Native American tradition and mythology and the potential for Dragon possessing a Satan Fruit modeled after it might higher clarify the a number of cases Dragon has been seen affecting the climate as a complete, versus a wind-based Logia fruit.

As far-fetched as it might sound, One Piece seems to have already made a number of discreet references to the thunderbird and Native American tradition, with clues hidden within the symbols of the Freedom Fighters and the Revolutionary Military, in addition to Dragon’s tattoo, which has mystified followers for ages.

The Thunderbird Has Made A number of Appearances in One Piece

The image that seems on the sails of the Freedom Fighters’ ship in chapter #1097 bears a placing resemblance to the thunderbird as popularly seen on totem poles. If Dragon does certainly have the power to show into the legendary creature as theorized, it might make good sense for the image of the Freedom Fighters to be modeled after it seeing as Dragon is the pinnacle of the group. Furthermore, this chicken motif appears to have additionally carried over to the image of the Revolutionary Military.

The emblem of the Revolutionary Military, significantly the image within the heart, seems to be a rendition of the thunderbird with related wings sprouting out on both aspect. The artwork model of the image additionally resembles that of Native American illustrations, additional hinting at Native American tradition being the inspiration behind Dragon’s Satan Fruit. Most significantly, the thunderbird itself is way from a international idea inside One Piece and has already made an specific look as considered one of Enel’s assaults throughout Skypiea. Thus, there’s a risk that the thunderbird exists as a delusion inside the collection, making the existence of a Zoan Satan Fruit modeled after it a risk as effectively.


One Piece Confirms A Main Principle About Luffy’s Father

After years within the shadows, One Piece has lastly revealed a key element about Dragon that confirms one of many largest theories about him.

Dragon’s Tattoo Is Tied To the Thunderbird

Monkey D Dragon in One Piece looking at stack of papers

Curiously, the Native American origins of the thunderbird may also clarify the thriller of Dragon’s peculiar tattoo, which has been the article of many theories since his introduction. As @writingpanini factors out, Dragon’s tattoo seems to be impressed by the model of tattoos of the Algonquian peoples, which additionally believed within the thunderbird. That mentioned, seeing as Dragon acquired his notorious tattoo sooner or later throughout the eight years after Kuma joined the Freedom Fighters and earlier than Ginny was captured, it’s troublesome to say for sure what significance it has or the way it may very well be tied to his Satan Fruit.

Dragon’s Powers Might Surpass Controlling the Wind

Lightning strikes at loguetown in One Piece

Although followers have popularly theorized that Dragon’s Satan Fruit is a Logia, the straightforward proven fact that Dragon was capable of management not simply the winds but additionally the rain and lightning appears to contradict the idea. Luffy was saved by a well-placed strike of lightning at Loguetown, and it appears unlikely {that a} wind-based Logia would permit Dragon that form of capacity. Moreover, with Legendary Zoans presently establishing their dominance within the collection, there could not be a extra becoming energy for the formidable head of the Revolutionaries. Nonetheless, One Piece has all the time had a penchant for the unpredictable, so it’s not possible to say what the collection will carry.

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