Rapido – bike taxi start up is with full of burglars!

image source: Rapido

would say yes! based on recent incident which took place in hyderabad India.

Bengaluru-based bike taxi company rapido providing their services in hyderabad along with 12 other cities in india.

We know that most of the start-up companies are lagging with quality services, some are good in handling at those things and some companies are failed to do so. like that one incident took place in hyderabad while booking rapido service. he, shared with our webiste

Coming to details,

AMan booked a ride with rapido app on 14th june 2019 2:06PM and he waited for about 10 minute.
then he got a phone call from ‘rapido captain’(driver)
asking that where to go and what payment method you are using to pay.
and he replied that he need to go to ‘Kothaguda X Road’ (a place in hyderabad) and i am using rapido wallet. Immediately after listening to this, ‘rapido captain’(Arjun Majji) cancelled the phone call and accepted the ride and started by his own. Without reaching to customer pickup point.

And ended the ride after 11 minutes by charging Rs.20

Where this bike taxi startup is going?

Again he conformed with us that he raised the complaint and sent mails to rapido. even after 4 days after filing complaint no action have taken by rapido till now.

you can see the complete details below:

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