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World’s Top 5 Most Embarrassing Mistakes And Facts.

image source 5. In 2011, a woman named Aimee Davison purchased a ‘non visible’ piece of art for $10,000. She was promised an entire wing of the museum named in her honour & a title card with a description of the piece. The artwork in question was “Fresh Air”. Read ...
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10 Upcoming Technologies That Changes Our Lives

1. Drone Delivery We could start seeing delivery drones finally start making deliveries in the next two years. 2. Hyperloop A Hyperloop could take us in between cities in just six years. We already know we’re getting closer to seeing a Hyperloop, a high-speed propulsion system, after seeing the first ...
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Nasa’s Insight Probe touches red planet

Nail-biting descent achieved after spacecraft slams into Martian atmosphere at 12,300mph Nasa’s Insight Probe After a seven-month, 300m-mile journey, Nasa’s Mars InSight Probe has reached its destination and touched down near the red planet’s equator. The lander came to a rest on the dusty surface shortly before 8pm GMT on ...
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