What is CAA and NRC all about?

What is CAA and NRC all about

Before getting into the answer for this question, there are few stats which everyone should know (might well be known before) ,

  • India, the country that accounts for 17.71% of the world’s population which is second highest in the world has it’s own problems with its population growth and it’s adverse effects.
  • According to periodic labour force survey (PLFS) of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the unemployment rate in 2017–2018 is around 6.1% which is quite high.

Okay, Now let’s go into the answer for the question,


What is CAA and NRC all about
Students protesting about CAA and NRC Bill
  • As the name suggests, this contains the names of the citizens of India which was initially created with the census data of 1951.
  • Due to the Bangladesh liberation war which happened in 1971, there was a huge influx of illegal immigrants into the bordering states between India and Bangladesh.(Migration into Assam has quite a long history but the major impact was created in 1971).
  • So in order to identify the illegal immigrants the government of India decided to set the line on 24 March 1971. If any person who has his name in the NRC of 1951 or has been able to find his name in any electoral rolls or has been able to prove his/her descent from the ancestor who was a citizen in NRC 1951 is the citizen of India otherwise he is not.
  • The state of Assam was the first to get updation of NRC since 1951 and the final NRC was published in August 31,2019 as per the standard operating procedures guided by honorable supreme Court of India.
  • Amit shah, honorable Home minister of India said NRC to be implemented nation-wide.

CAA(Citizenship Amendment Act,2019):-

  • This bill seeks to give citizenship to illegal immigrants who are Hindus, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis from the neighboring countries Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh by amending the citizenship act of 1955.
  • The said communities are religious minorities in their countries and are persecuted on the grounds of their religion and beliefs.
  • Illegal immigrants who entered India on or before 31 December 2014 are eligible to apply for Indian citizenship.
  • There are some exemption in the bill in the tribal areas of Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram as well.
What is CAA and NRC all about
Muslims Protesting about CAA and NAA Bill

Why India can’t afford this to illegal Muslim immigrant? Why this discrimination?

  • Everyone is aware of the fact that religion is the sole reason for the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh (which was bifurcated due to cultural reasons but still holding on to its religious affairs in the state policy). So giving citizenship to those who wanted or aspired to get away from India dramatically change the demography of India.
  • India as a government has every right to protect the interests of its own citizens from the outsiders who might pose the serious challenge to the sovereignty and safety.
  • Moreover CAA has nothing to do with the Muslims of India and they don’t need to worry about their fate as this is completely revolve around the illegal immigrants.


  • As NRC and CAA are regarding the illegal immigrants, it is beneficial for the Indian government to cut its money been spent on aliens rather than its own citizens.
  • On the humanitarian grounds, it provides asylum to those people who are in need of it desperately as they don’t have anywhere to go.

    By: Jayavijayan Ponneizhil Chandiran
    Photos: Shareef
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